About Us


To provide the financial clarity to give you the confidence to take control of your finances. 


The status quo for the middle-class changes from being financially burdened to achieving financial independence.

Our Values


With open hearts we create an environment that is rooted in meaningful relationships.


We take initiative with energy and enthusiasm.


We are committed to self-growth to become the person we need to become for us to achieve our goals.


With integrity we will guide others to prosperity.


We have the determination to overcome any challenge.


  • Went from financially burdened to financial independence

  • Built start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses

  • 15+ years of experience in accounting, finance & investing

  • BA in Business Administration, Public Accounting & Economics

  • Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT)

  • Ramsey Preferred Coach (RPC)

Wyatt Yates

A long-time financial expert that learned the hard way on how to succeed financially

Wyatt graduated cum laude from Coe College with degrees in Business Administration, Public Accounting, and Economics while also being a member of the wrestling team all 4 years.

Wyatt started his career working for a CPA firm in Omaha, NE helping individuals and small business owners performing tax, audit, and consulting services. He worked with business owners in the healthcare, service, farming, manufacturing, insurance, and financial industries.

He then made the move to Denver, CO where he spent 12 years as an Executive in charge of finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, risk management, and investments for a Private Equity Company. During that time, he operated a real estate tax lien business from a start-up to $140 Million and a top 25 company in the industry. He was also a panelist at the National Tax Lien Association's (NTLA) annual conference and a member of the NTLA's Legislative Committee. In addition, he was the CFO and minority owner in an affordable housing business that he helped grow from a start-up to $150+ Million and a top 50 company in the industry.

However, it is Wyatt's journey from being financially burdened to achieving financial independence that led to him starting Rugged Financial.